Tomato farming

Alixa Nakilwadde
Loan group 
Yesu Amala Sanga Namaiba 2909
Farming (crop)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Alixa has been a prominent tomato farmer for 5 years now but her greatest challenge is the use of indigenous farming methods. She grows tomatoes on 2 hectares of land. This is why she has requested for a loan so that she will be in position to buy better quality seeds, fertilizers and add all the required pesticides for better yields of tomatoes thus more profits in the long run.
Personal situation 
Alixa studied up to primary six but because she didn’t grow up with her mother and they were many in the family, her father failed to educate her and got married with 6 children. She has been a farmer for over 10 years, also was a local council defense for 10 years and now is a woman councilor to for her locality for 7 years. She is a farmer of tomatoes but doesn’t have enough capital and this is the reason as to why she is borrowing.
Date of birth 

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