Tailoring and fish selling

Scovia Nalumansi
Loan group 
Tusuubira Nakisunga 472
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Scovia a fish monger says that she gets her fish from Luwero a fishing site after Katoosi landing site. She deals in dry tilapia fish and she buys them at prices ranging from 4,000/= to 9, 500/= and sells at 6,000/= to 14,000/=. She does shopping once in a week and preserves her fish by smoking them in a well built local oven that uses firewood. For the tailoring business, she wants to add cloth materials because she is amidst many schools yet she always get many orders though she cannot deliver but after getting the loan, she hopes to get many school contracts to make uniforms and fulfill them. She expects the loan to help her boost her business and cut on transportation costs because always she buys in small quantities.
Personal situation 
Scovia Nalumansi narrates that she dropped out of school in primary seven and later got married with eight children. She did farming for the beginning until she acquired money to buy a plot of land and built in Nakisunga. She opened up a restaurant and bar for 4 years but currently she deals in fish, sells soft drinks as well as tailoring.
Date of birth 

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