Stock food to make more profits in her restaurant.

Janipher Nakibirango
Loan group 
Bakyala Kwekolera Kasubi 1247
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Janipher narrates that she works as a cook at a factory in which she won a contract of serving all the workers with food from Monday to Saturday. She buys the food and she cooks then she counts the plates that have been eaten after she collects her money at the end of the week. She majorly serves foods like bananas, posho, sweet potatoes, meat, fish, beans and chicken. She would like the loan to stock beans, rice, bananas which she says their prices are always fluctuating and by stocking she will also buy a reduced price increasing her sales.She is also involved in growing bananas and other food crops.
Personal situation 
Janipher narrates that her husband through her out of his home because she had left to take care of her parents who were very ill and needed her care. He claimed that his wife was not a nurse and since she couldn’t come back early he decided to marry another wife making her to divorce.
Date of birth 

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