Snacks selling ,mobile money and farming

Sylvia Nampewo
Loan group 
Beauty women Naluwala 5909
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sylvia makes chapattis, cassava and samosas every morning from 7:00am to midday. Sylvia says that she makes basically tea escorts from ntenjeru trading center alongside the road. She says that she buys her items like flour, cooking from the centre and she gets the cassava from her garden though at timers she buys from other farmers. Sylvia says that at the moment she got a school where she has to supply teachers with eats for breakfast but her challenge is the she has got little capital and that is the reason she is seeking for a loan to boost her business and be able to supply all her customers and she believes that with the loan she will be able to make good profits that she can use to educate her children and also meet family needs.
Personal situation 
Sylvia was born in Bugolombe near Ntenjeru and that is where she studied up to her senior two and dropped out because her parents could not afford paying her fees because they were just peasant farmers. She resorted to farming together with her parents but she later got married. Sylvia says that she started her business from the savings she had made from farming.
Date of birth 

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