Snacks / Hospitality

Hilda Nanjebe
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Business plan 
Hilda runs her snacks business at her home and in the busy trading centre of Gonve. She says that she buys ingredients like baking flour, sugar, milk, rice, sweet bananas and cassava flour from which she mainly makes a number of products such as chapatti, samosas and pan cakes for her customers. She sells these snacks in the busy trading centre of Gonve and gets profits which she uses to sustain her family. . However, Hilda explains that in most cases her snack quantities get finished quickly yet the customers are left demanding due to her little capital. She is therefore forced to direct them elsewhere for any other option or type of food. With the help of the loan Hilda hopes to improve her business by stocking more of these ingredients so as to meet her customers’ high demand. This will improve her savings income in the process. Profits yielded from the business shall help her generate savings which will be used to pay school fees for her children and also invest in her farming business.
Personal situation 
Hilda narrates that she was born in Luyobye, Mukono district and that it is where she grew up from and studied from up to senior two. She was then brought to katosi by a family friend as a bar maid and that is where she met a man who married her. It is this husband who gave her money to start up a snack business.
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