Silver fish Selling

Rukia Namulawa
Loan group 
Buzindere Byanfuna Mpaata 6806
Trade (non-farming)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rukia has a boat, nets, stones and lamps which are used to catch fish especially silver fish. She hired laborers who use them and they bring fish at the landing site and they share but she gets more fish by 30% for her equipment used to catch fish. Rukia says if she had many boats she would be making a lot of money because the demand for fish is high yet she cant fish it herself that is why she wants to take out a loan so that she can buy another boat and nets which will help her to get more fish and profits to take care of herself and her grandchildren.
Personal situation 
Rukia was born in Iganga and her father took her to her Aunt for studies at the age of 8 where studied from upto primary four but she escaped from her aunt who used to mistreat her and she went back to her parents. Rukia says that their home was very far from the school and she just ended up dropping out of the school. Rukia got married and her husband brought her to Buzindere where they have stayed for 17 years.
Date of birth 

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