Silver fish, onions and cow lungs

Rosemary Nalunga
Loan group 
Kolangomuddu Namaiba 375
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rosemary sells her cow lungs at Namaiba taxi stage in the evenings and she also takes them from market to market. The loan will help her buy silver fish and onions which will help her improve on her business base, attract more customers and also stop moving from market to market. Rosemary hopes to buy onions direct from farmers at cheaper prices and the silver fish from wholesalers who get it direct from Katoosi fishing site. Rose has sold cow lungs for 8 years therefore knows very well to prepare it and all her customers always comment that hers is so delicious. However, what has encouraged her to borrow is because currently many people are entering her business of cow lungs selling making it less profitable and competitive unlike before when she was the only one selling them so she needs to diversify her businesses by investing more in grocery.
Personal situation 
Rosemary Nalunga narrates that she grew up with both her parents, studied a little and later decided to get married. She produced 5 children, and then decided to look for a job since it was hard to make ends meet with such a big family. She got a job at the coffee factory to sort coffee beans for 5 years, she then left it when the factory closed down. So she started a small business of selling cow lungs for 8 years using the little savings she had. She has come to borrow money to help her invest in a new business of selling onions and silver fish which are on a high demand.
Date of birth 

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