Shoe selling

Aisha Namubiru
Loan group 
Abayitaababili Namaiba 416
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Aisha explains that she deals in shoe selling which she buys them from Owino market and Kampala arcades. She says that she sells both second hand shoes and new shoes. Some seasons like Christmas and ester needs new shoes but the good thing with second hand is because they don’t have competition at all and their prices are not known as With the help of the loan, she will buy in boxes and also sell in bulk to other shoe sellers.
Personal situation 
Aisha Namubiru says that she studied up to senior four, and started to teach in a primary school for 3 years. Later she started to do farming and shoes selling for 2 years. She rents a house in Namaiba and stay with two children while others stay with their paternal grandmother.
Date of birth 

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