she plans to restock her grocery

Teddy Nambiro
Loan group 
Afaayo Kisoga Central 227
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teddy says she normally buys her food items from the nearby villages of Ntanzi and Kipayo and at times she gets it from her garden hence saving her some money that she could have used to buy it from other farmers and for the charcoal; she buys from the mobile truck sellers since she buys only 2 to 3 sacks since she has very little capital though she would like to buy more sacks since the buyers are quite many and that is why she wants to take out a loan and buy charcoal in bulk and be able to satisfy her customer’s needs and she also invest in her restaurant business by buying more seats and utensils and she believes that she will make more profits to educate her children such that they can have a decent life in the future.
Personal situation 
Teddy grew up in a financially stable family and therefore her parents made sure that she attained all her basic needs though in her senior three, she got pregnant and she says that was her end of happiness since she was told to join the father of her unborn baby because that was supposed to be done according to their custom. Teddy got married though the husband was not working since he was also still a student and she had to work hard in the garden such that she can get food to eat as well as feed her family and through her hard work she was able to start selling off some of the food and thus her business had started.
Date of birth 

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