She operates a retail shop for sustainability.

Christine kalyowa
Loan group 
Sanyu Nangunga 2208
Retail (shop-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Christine operates a retail shop in Nangunga town Centre . The reail shop has items like exercise books, pens, pencils, and some 2 computers that she uses to type gar,soap,wheatflour. She also deals in farming where together with her family they plant various foods such as Matooke,Maize,Green paper among many others.She sells some of the food while the rest of the food is fed on at home.She wants to take out another loan such that she can buy more items for the shop since the demand for her items is increasing.This will help her get more money as well as profits and thus educate her child.
Date of birth 

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