Sells second hand clothes and operates a saloon that does hair dressing.

Namusisi Norah
Loan group 
Hope 2 Lugasa 2790
Retail (market-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Norah does Hairdressing from her home but also moves to those who invite her for her services.She buys weaves from whole sale shops ,keeps them home and sells them at a profit to ladies who come for hair plaiting.She started this business through a loan and since then her life has been getting better.She also deals in farming where she grows foods like Matooke and Maize which she some times sell for a supplimentaly income.She wants to get a loan to buy more weaves as she hopes to have more customers. She hopes to earn more profits and continue paying the school fees for her siblings.
Personal situation 
Norah stays in Ajiija Villlage.She is a mother of one who divorced with her husband after facing unbearable challenges in her marriage.Norah sells second hand clothes. She moves to different markets and homes looking for market.She wants to get loan to help her improve business.
Date of birth 
Marital status 

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