Selling raw food and charcoal.

Gorrety Najjuma
Loan group 
Mukutya Mukama Womens Group Kisoga 252
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Gorrety has a canteen where she majorly sells firewood and charcoal. She started this business after she failed to run her milk selling business and has spent seven years. Juliet says selling charcoal is the back born of her business without which it’s as if she has no hope. She also sells other food items like tomatoes, green vegetables, onions, and egg plants. Her business requires an operating license which lasts a year so she is legally allowed to sell charcoal in her canteen. Lucky for her, she buys from her suppliers who are licensed such that the risk of being caught by the authorities is not there. The business helped her gain financial strength and at the moment she is not worried even when she falls sick, she has some savings to use in such periods.
Personal situation 
Gorretyis a hard working determined mother. She has fought the challenges in life which include growing without her parents, dropping out of school due to poor sight. Since she is gifted in playing football and singing, government took over the role of paying her fees. While in secondary level two, she got eye problems and was to be operated, she does not know what happened but this did not take place and she had to drop out. She has 2 children with her husband. She is seeking this loan to invest in her business of supplying pork to butchers in and out of Kisoga so as to earn more profit to help her husband cover family expenses and to take care of relatives.
Date of birth 

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