Selling goats meat, chicken and a bar

esther namagembe
Loan group 
Mukutya Mukama Womens Group Kisoga 252
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Esther owns a goat’s meat butcher and sells soft drinks. The former is as a result of the latter. She buys her goats from the local surrounding, slaughters it and takes it to her butcher in Mukono. She employs one village man who helps her run the business and she pays him money enough to help his family as well. At times she also sells in her butcher and she supplies to other butcher owners and some of it is roasted for the customers in the evenings. . The advantage she has is her mother sells roasted goats meat and other people have been supplying her. Since she started the business, she supplies to her mother directly and she pays her promptly. She has been buying a goat at 200,000/= sells and earns between 30-50,000/= profit, if she adds the loan she will buy 4 goats, sell it to those in butchers, and roast some and others she sells in her stall. She will use this loan to buy more goats to slaughter and assortment of inventory like sodas, beer, water, and eatables to sell in her soft drinks stall thus increase her profits to 100,000/=. In this way she will be able to save income that she will later use to help her children and improve their quality of life.
Personal situation 
Esther was born from Kisoga town in Mukono District, studied up to senior two and later dropped out due to lack of money. She worked very hard with mother and raised money that helped her to start up her own business.
Date of birth 

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