Selling food items and internal decors

Sylvia Nabatte
Loan group 
Mukutya Mukama Womens Group Kisoga 252
Retail (shop-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sylvia has a kiosk where she sells bananas, cassava, tomatoes sweet bananas. She also compliments it with shoes, internal decorations and curtains and she has had this kiosk for 2 years. The business according to her has many entrants which require her to stock it very well but her challenge is she lacks capital to run the business. Her goal is to expand her stall with food items, shoes and curtains and improve it with time so as to be rich. Currently she earns about 30,000/= per day and she expects to earn up to 70,000/= in a day if she invests the loan. This will help her to earn more profits hence constructing her residential house.
Personal situation 
Sylivia was born from Kasubi village in Buikwe District, studied up to senior and dropped out due to lack of money because her parents had many children .She later enrolled in saloon where she worked for 1 year and currently she is selling food items.
Date of birth 

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