Selling cow heads and Restaurant

Rose Nabulime
Loan group 
Kisakye Kisoga 503
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose’s business is cooking and selling of cow heads which she says has greatly improved ever since she got the loan. She cooks more tasty cow heads than she used to thus her customers derive great satisfaction from her service and they pay her promptly. Also the profits have grown and to this moment, she helps her mother meet school requirements for her younger siblings. Rose lacks capital to buy in bulk and be able to also attract new customers with her new stock and in return she would make more profits that she will use to buy some pigs that she might later generate some other income from it in case the need arises.
Personal situation 
She dropped out of school from s.1 when her father who was paying her fees died. She depends on farming and making local drink. She is separated and lives with her younger mother, because of religious believes she abandoned making local brew to start selling silver fish and is what has been supporting most financial needs of her family.
Date of birth 

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