Zam Akiki
Loan group 
Buzindere Byanfuna Mpaata 6806
Cosmetics (service)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Zam has a cosmetics shop that sells make up, hair chemicals and hair extensions. Zam says that since her capital was small, she decided to incorporate shoes and clothes for children and ladies as they are always on demand and they don’t cost much such that she could keep her business from collapsing. Zam buys these items from Mukono and Kampala at a whole sale price and transports them to Busoke. Zam says she would like to buy in bulk since the demand has increased as Christmas season is knocking so that she saves on transport costs and increase on her profits in order to expand her business.
Personal situation 
Zam was in Kisugu Namuwongo Kampala and its where she studied from upto primary four. Zam says she left Kampala with her mother after her father’s death they could not afford town life since the father was the only bread winner at home. Zam says life was not easy and she ened up getting married at a tender age and her husband paid a saloon where she acquired hair dressing skills and she started her own saloon.
Date of birth 

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