Rice growing to improve on her incomes

Joyce Harriet Nanziri
Loan group 
Tulisanyuka Kasubi 486
Farming (animal rearing)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Joyce would like to use the loan to start growing rice though she has never grown it but she has got market for it and she also has land for growing it plus help from those with experience in growing it. She adds that her friends who grow it encouraged her to start growing it saying that it usually gives better profits as compared to other crops. She will spend on slashing the garden, digging it up for the first time then it takes about 3 weeks then she digs again to have good soils for planting since she will plant it in a water logged area after planting she will also spend on weeding since its hard for her to weed alone an acre and a half of land. She hopes to grow rice and she improves on her earnings as well as standards of living. She also hopes to educate her last born child not to drop out like the rest.
Personal situation 
Joyce is married with 5 children but she has to work hard and provide for them since her husband has another wife whom he cares about. Since she was the only one who was struggling to educate her children, she failed to educate them further as she also needed to provide other basic needs which she rated as important. She has been growing crops like maize, cassava, bananas and sweet potatoes but she would now like to grow rice which she says might be her key out of poverty.
Date of birth 

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