Retail shop(drugs) and Farming.

Winfred Nakabuga
Loan group 
Tuteese Kisoga 250
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Winfred has a retail shop that entails soap, salt matchboxes, sugar, rice, cooking oil and paraffin. She buys from the main whole sale shop in Katente and later transports them using a motorcycle to retail shop. Her challenge is lack of capital to enable her buy in bulk, shop once in a week in order to reduce on the transport costs even to buy other commodities that customers demand and are not available. This will help her to enable clients buy everything from her shop hence more profits that will help to educate her children.
Personal situation 
Winfred was born in Buzzu, Mukono district, studied up to senior 4 and dropped out due to lack of money. She later worked as a house helper for 5 years but later acquired a man who decided to marry her and they are blessed with4 children.
Date of birth 

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