Retail shop and brick making

Rose Nalwadda
Loan group 
Gakyalimabaga Nakisunga 415
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose a widow and hard working lady has a brick laying business, and she always makes 10,000 bricks. She does the bricks on her land in Nakisunga and sells them to anyone who gives her money but mostly the drivers of Tippers. She digs the soils, covers it and leaves it for two months to soften then mingles them and s tart fixing the mud wooden box which is in a shape of a brick which molds it well. She leaves them to dry and after arrange them for burning. However, she hires labor to do some of the work for her. Through the profits from Rose’s piggery and brick making business, she was able to open up a retail shop selling home accessories. Therefore part of the loan will be invested in the retail shop to boost it and attract more customers.
Personal situation 
Rose Nalwadda says that she grew up with her auntie in the convent and after the death of her mother in 1971, she went back to her parent’s home to look after her siblings up to when she got married. In her marriage, she found when her husband had children who were older than her and the major occupation was farming and she could walk miles and miles carrying her child on her back, reach the garden and dig and after take fire wood, food on the head and still walk and reach home, also collect water in the pot. Generally, she could work like a horse since the family was too big and it was then her responsibility to make sure the gardens were well prepared as well as other requirements at home. When she produced 6 children she started doing all sorts of work to make ends meet and firstly she did waragi brewing quilted the business because it was so risk as it used to kill people in the village by the tanks bursting like a bomb so she saved and started buying coffee and brick laying while saving her money in the pot for a very long period and managed to buy a plot in Kisoga but can’t build in it because she has been paying school fees since she got married reason being she married her husband when he was already old and currently he has 95 years.
Date of birth 

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