Retail shop

Janipher Auma
Loan group 
sugu Lugala Mpaata 2806
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Janipher has a small retail shop that basically deals in domestic day to day home essentials and these entail sugar, rice, flour, etc. She buys these items from Ggaba landing site and transports it on a motor boat to Mpaata grounds. Janipher says that of recent her business has kind of decreased in terms of stock due to the little money she has and so she has come to SYPO to take out a loan such that she can be able to re-stock her shop and give it a new face lift, something which will attract new customers and thus enable her to make more profits that she will use to start a poultry project in the near future.
Personal situation 
Janipher is a born of mpatta and her parents were financially down thus failing to educate her and after completing primary seven, Janipher became a house maid and later got married.
Date of birth 

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