To restock Firewood

Gorret Nampijja
Loan group 
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Nampijja buys trees from tree/ forest owners within Gonve and the neighbouring villages, cuts and chops timber plus fire wood from them and supplies to the schools and restaurants around gonve and katosi trading centres. Nampijja explains that of recent there is high demand for firewood since schools have just opened however her capital is little and the trees are now a bit distant from the village so she needs to transport the wood to her home because this is where her customers always pick it from. She wants a loan so that she can purchase more trees and also transport the wood from the neighboring villages to her stores at home. She also trades in charcoal through which she gets money that she uses to pay her children’s school fees.
Personal situation 
Nampijja narrates that she is a born of Busiba Nakisunga, mukono district. It is where she grew up from and studied from up to primary six and she dropped out of school because her parents could not afford to pay school fees for her education since they were very poor. A friend brought her to katosi and this is where She later got married to a man who brought her to Gonve.
Date of birth 

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