Raw food selling and goat rearing

Fatuma Nakabuye
Loan group 
Muterezanda Mpaata 6786
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Fatumah sells raw food items like bananas, sweet potatoes, cassava pumpkins. Fatumah sells all these items at their humble home that is just by the roadside of the main road going to Ntenjeru and in the evening she takes her items to Mpatta trading centre and this gives her business a lot of exposure since even those people passing by can always buy from her. Fatumah also rears some goats and she sells them once a while. Fatumah however says that her stock is a little less since her capital is also small and that is why she wants to take out a loan that will necessitate her to buy more items in bulk and capture a wider customer base hence helping her earn more money that she will use take care of her baby and educate her siblings.
Personal situation 
Fatumah was born in Gayaza and she dropped out of school because her step was mistreating her and ran to her mother in Mpatta unfortunately her mother could not afford paying her school fees yet her father’s put condition to pay her fees she should go back to his home in Gayaza. Fatimah started selling raw food in order to earn a living and support her siblings with school fees and necessities.
Date of birth 

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