Raw food and firewood

Jane Nassira
Loan group 
Tusiga Batunula Mpaata 5647
Retail (market-focused)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jane is a fire wood and raw food seller; she buys her raw food like bananas, sweet potatoes, etc from the farmers at a cheaper price and then transports them to stall in Ggaba market where she sells them off. Jane also buys fire wood from the mobile truck sellers since she does not have a license to cut down any tree. Jane says that of recent the demand for her food and fire wood items has increased since most people buy from her since she is very friendly and sells fairly and so her items get over very quickly compared to other people who are in the same business. Jane says that she now wants to take out a loan such that she can increase her stock and be able to supply her customers with the right quantity of items that they need instead of referring them to her competitors like she has been doing.
Personal situation 
Jane was born in Busia and its where she studied from and dropped out of school due to lack of school fees since her parents were poor. Jane later got married and she was brought to Mpaata by her husband. She started selling raw food and firewood in order to meet family needs and the school fees for her children.
Date of birth 

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