Poultry rearing

Agnes Naziga
Loan group 
Bunakija Tukole Naluwala 6526
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Agnes rears broilers and crawlers, she buys her 1 week old broiler chicks and crawlers from Biyinzika poultry farmers in Mukono and then she transports them in a taxi to her home where she rears them. Agnes says that at the moment her only challenge is feeding the broilers since it’s a dry season, they tend to eat a lot and drink a lot and since they have not yet fully matured, that means she cannot sell them. Joyce asks for a loan such that she can be able to buy chicken feeds that will help her chicken to grow very fast and she sells them off and earns some profits to take care of her family
Personal situation 
Agnes was born in Bugoye and its where she studied up to her primary seven and her parents could not put pusher further than that since the money for her school fees had increased as she was going to secondary level and yet even that of primary was just a hustle for them so she dropped out of school since even her relatives were not able to help her with the fees. She later got married and her husband brought her to Bugoye, it is her elder child who gave her money to start the poultry business.
Date of birth 

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