Poultry farming

Fatuma Aliya
Loan group 
Abayitaababili Namaiba 416
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Fatuma rears poultry and she intends to buy 300 which are broilers. She will rear them for 2 months. Fatuma says that she has a chicken rearing business at her home and she buys her chicken from Bukomo enterprises in Mukono and she always rear 300 broilers. She feeds them on maize brand, cotton, fish, soya, snail shells, salt mixes them, and takes them for grinding. She continues to say that the major diseases that affect the hens are diahorea, colds, malaria and worms so she always treat them with multivitamins and other treatments. She sells her chicken at whole sale basis because she has enough market therefore expects to prosper in her business.
Personal situation 
Fatuma narrates that she studied and dropped out of school in primary seven and started to pick coffee for 1 year until when she got pregnant and quitted the job. She worked in Royal van Zanten for 13 years and currently she farms cabbages and greens.
Date of birth 

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