Piggery to pay school fees for her children

Magret Kangondo
Loan group 
Mirembe women's group Naluwala 846
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Magret has 4 mature pigs and 7 piglets that she raises on a zero grazing system though the sty she has at the moment is not up to the required standard that is needed by the district agricultural officers since it has no iron sheets to cover the pigs from rainfall that has also turned out to be very hazardous to their survival as most of them die because of the too much rain and also there was an order by the district that everyone rearing pigs should build a sty for them and that is why Magret has come to SYPO in need of another loan to build the sty, buy feeds for the pigs and also invest in her farming. She says she will be able to get more profits to help her husband out with school fees payments for their children.
Personal situation 
Magret says that she was born ok though later when she was in her primary two she got strong malaria and was sick for 1 week and she even got a stroke that twisted her mouth and she later got well but the mouth did not turn back to its original position and when she rejoined school her fellow students kept laughing and teasing her because of her mouth and so when she could not take the mocking any more, she decided to leave school. She later got married though after 15 years she left her husband since he had married other 2 wives and they also mocked and insulted her because of her mouth and she came back to her father’s home where she worked tirelessly in people’s gardens and later she raised some money that she used to purchase some piglets that has now turned into her business.
Date of birth 

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