Piggery farming and retail shop

Teopista Naigaga
Loan group 
Gakyalimabaga Nakisunga 415
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teopista has a piggery project and currently she has 6 pigs which she feeds on maize brand, yams and food left overs. Her pigs are enclosed in the house but her challenge is the feeds. In addition to that, Teopista also has a small retail shop which she wants to improve by adding part of the loan to it. She expects her business profitability to increase since whatever they will ask for will be available.
Personal situation 
Teopista narrates that she suffered a lot while growing up, she has been sickly and poor. She lacks money to do business. She has been an agricultural farmer for her life time, she says that, due to poverty, there is nothing she does and became a success due to low capabilities but after getting the loan, she hopes to improve.
Date of birth 

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