Piggery and water melon farming

Annet Bwayiga
Loan group 
Kyofunaoyagala Namaiba 1386
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Annet a hard working and determined lady is a crop and animal farmer. She plants crops like water melon, bananas, sweet potatoes, maize and beans. She rears animals like goats, pigs and cows. With the loan she wants to buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to enable her grow good quality crops and animals. She so far has 2 pigs and she rears them on zero grazing and feeds them on sweet potatoes and cassava peelings plus food left overs. Annet testifies that, the previous loan encouraged her to work harder because she had a commitment to repay weekly and in so doing, she has achieved a lot through the practice. She expects the loan to improve the health of her pigs since she will properly feed them and also grow good quality water melons which will attract customers easily and pay school fees for her children.
Personal situation 
Annet narrates that after failing to study, she immediately got married and produced 8 children. I n her marriage, she started to do farming of cash crops and food crops to date.
Date of birth 

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