Piggery and raw food selling

Barbra Nanyombi
Loan group 
Balimanyankya Mpaata 5073
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Barbra has mature pigs at the moment that she grazes at her home. Barbra often ties all her pigs under trees and then fetches for them food though at times when the grass and weeds like pig weed which is scarce as majority have wed their gardens, she just unties them and sets them free to look for food on their own though she tries to avoid it as they move to other people’s garden’s and destroy their crops, something that often brings about misunderstandings in the community members, that is why she wants to take out a loan and be able to buy for them maize brand. Barbra says this will help her gain more profits as she will be able to keep her pigs healthy from harsh weather conditions and diseases, giving her more profits as one will always pay more for a bigger and larger pig and thus educate her children. Barbra also carries out food selling business like bananas, cassava and sweet potatoes so that she can make more money to help her in her daily needs.
Personal situation 
Barbra Nanyombi was born in Mpaata sub county and it’s where she has lived for all these years. Barbra says that growing up was really a hustle at home since her parents were very poor and they were one of the few families with little land thus food always got finished so quickly and they had to cultivate other people’s homelands to get what to eat in times when there harvest was over. Barbra says that it’s because of this poverty that her parents were not able to educate her further. In 2011 Barbra got married to Aloysius Mande who gave her 100,000/= to start up food selling and business which has grown and still growing. Barbra later, saved and bought two piglets that have now grown Barbra says that she buys food from farmers in Mpatta and surrounding villages but the moment food is so scarce and she needs to buy in bulk so as to save on transport cost and get more profits in order to take care of her children.
Date of birth 

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