Piggery and raw food selling

Susan Namubiru
Loan group 
Balimanyankya Mpaata 5073
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Susan has over 4 pigs that she raises under zero grazing system though she ties them under trees. Susan says that this system was very good though of recent the dry season has kind of affected the growth of her pigs as they have now decreased in size since the feeding is not good as the grass that they feed on has been cleared for crop farming and thus feeding them has proved to be difficult that is why Susan wants to take out a loan and buy animal feeds that will help her pigs to grow very well and thus she will be able to earn more from them as they will be of good quality. Susan wants to buy for them feeds and to ensure that they gain more weight which will attract more customers. Susan says the profits will help to take care of herself and her children.
Personal situation 
Susan was born in Mpaata sub county and it’s where she has lived for all these years. Susan studied from Kamda Community Academy up to senior two and stopped due to lack of money for school fees. Susan says that her mother passed away when she was still 7 years and her father married another wife who was harsh to her but Susan ran away from her to her aunt in Mawoto. Susan says her aunt was a house wife therefore she could not afford paying Barbra says that it’s because of this poverty that her school fees. In 2007, Susan got married though the marriage was not successful. She again got married to Geoffrey Oket who gave land to cultivate and bought 4 pigs. Susan says that she sold off one in order to start up food selling and business which has grown and still growing. Susan says that she wants to expand her business and construct a sty for her pigs and she needs to buy food items in bulk so as to save on transport cost and get more profits in order to take care of her children.
Date of birth 

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