Piggery and crop farming

Robinah Katabalwa
Loan group 
Muterezanda Mpaata 6786
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Robinah rears pigs at the moment using the zero grazing system where she built for them a sty such that she can monitor them constantly and also keep them away from harsh weather conditions and thieves. She says that at the moment her main challenge is feeds for her animals since they don’t move out to look for it on their own, she says that since all area is cultivated, there is no grass in the gardens and the pigs have also malnourished since it’s hard for her to give the animals enough feeds thus she decided to come to SYPO for a loan such that she can be able to buy animal feeds for her pigs. Robinah says that her animals will be able to recover and put on enough weight and in return fetch her more profits since customers always buy good looking animals very fast.
Personal situation 
Robinah was born in Luweero district ant Bamunanika. She studied from Luteete and she joined Aboke High school Lira upto senior four and she joined Shimon Teachers college for a primary teaching certificate. Robinah got a job at Nakalanda primary school and later she got married. Robinah carries out both crop and animal farming during holidays and weekends in order to substitute her income.
Date of birth 

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