Piggery and canteen

Rita Nakazibwe
Loan group 
Kirikwimwino Nakisunga 396
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rita has been a pig keeper for over 10 years and she always rear male pigs which she castrates, and at seven months she starts to sell them off at prices ranging from 250,000/= to 300,000/=. Right now she only has four pigs and she plans to add more two pigs of a good breed after getting the loan. She feeds her pigs on maize brand occasionaly, and other times feeds them on food left overs, food peelings and sweet potato plus cassava leaves. She treats her pigs every after three months against worms and swine fever. Currently Rita makes pancakes, sells bread, cakes, popcorns, sweets, biscuits among others acquire two months back. She needs another loan to enable her add capital to the canteen buying bread, sweets and wheat flour and cooking oil that will help her to make the pancakes and cookies. She expects the loan to help her expand her project maintaining more pigs than before.
Personal situation 
Rita married and mother of four says that she studied up to senior four and went to upgrade in nursery teaching and immediately, she got a job in Masaka primary school where she worked for 6 years but currently she teaches at Nakisunga roman catholic school since 2004 to date.
Date of birth 

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