Medical Centre

Florence Naluzze
Loan group 
Tukole Science Kisoga Central 186
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Florence says there a few medical centers and she is proud to be running one of those few centers. She facilitates baby deliveries, antenatal care, family planning, post abortion/miscarriage care among other services. She is moving to a larger place for more space and safety of the admitted patients and this requires more beds and drugs. She reached out for financial support from SYPO such that she can be able to realize this objective. She can admit up to 3 patients at the moment but hopes to double this number with time. In addition, she wants to expand her drug stock so that she can ably treat all sicknesses and make a profit from selling the drugs. Florence says this will increase her profits and in return she will educate her children up to university level and also take her business to another level.
Personal situation 
Florence was born in a family of 80 children as brothers and sisters born to 21 wives. Florence says the father was a well-known person in Kisoga because of his many wives and he was very rich since he could afford to educate every one and feed them. Florence after finishing her advanced secondary school and she joined tertiary institution where she did her course in nursing and midwifery and later graduated with honors, she later got married though she was working in Ntengeru hospital though her salary was so little and she decided to quit her job and with the few savings she started her own clinic and later she joined SYPO that also gave her hand up to now.
Date of birth 

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