Making local juices, coffee trade and Farming.

Margret Nakalema
Loan group 
Gwe Yawade Biafra 504
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Margret is a hardworking mother, she wakes up at 5 pm to make the local banana juice and by 9pm she sends it to the nearby trade Centre where her husband helps her to sell after his midmorning job at the village health Centre. He sells it from home to home, and then later joins her in the gardens after she is done buying and drying coffee. In her business transporting bananas for making local brew is quiet challenging because she buys the bananas from distant villages and hires a bicycle to do it which is time consuming and sometimes she does not receive in time. Also she has limited capital for the coffee trade so some customers sell to other buyers who buy in bulk. She is also cheated by traders who buy from her yet if she has enough capital to buy and take to the factory, she gets good bargain. She would like to buy a fridge so as to refrigerate the drink and serve it while cold as requested by most of her clients. Her wish is to make more money from all her businesses to educate her children and may be buy a motorcycle to transport her items.
Personal situation 
Margret says her mother abandoned her to her father at the age of two, later her father passed on when she was in primary five. After that she started hard life in this world till she got a husband who married her. The family depends on farming is not enough to raise school needs for the children, she makes local brew so as to help with the children’s education and now her first son is at university. Much more responsibility awaits her mostly educating her younger children so she joined coffee trade which is what she does besides farming and making local brew and is where she would like to invest all her loan money.
Date of birth 

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