Make bricks to create more jobs in her area.

Rose Namusisi
Loan group 
Kisakye Matale 500
Manufacturing (carpentry, brick making, etc)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose makes mad bricks from her home which she mixes soil then she covers it for 2 weeks and she starts making the bricks. She keeps them to dry for 1 month as she burns them using fire wood after which they are ready for sale. She sells them to those building houses in different parts of the area. She now wants a loan to hire more labor and she makes more bricks since there is ready market around and also to buy firewood for burning the ready bricks that she has. She hopes to work hard and she employs more people to help her with her business as she would have partly solved the unemployment gap in her area.
Date of birth 

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