Local Restaurant

Jalia Nakatto
Loan group 
Mukama Yemubezi Namaiba 6346
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jalia has a restaurant in Namaiba in a village called Luwule. She prepares breakfast and lunch only. For breakfast, she prepares Irish potatoes, bananas, beef and rice at 2,000/= to 2,500/=. And lunch is always local foods served with beans, fresh fish, beef and ground nuts costing 3,000/= to 3,500/=. Currently she has been making passion juice, water and sodas and put them in a neighbor’s refrigerator at a cost because the one she had got spoilt. Therefore with the loan, she intends to buy her own refrigerator, buy plastic chairs and buy food which will increase on her earnings and also compete favorably.
Personal situation 
Jalia narrates that she got married but things never worked out well and then she went to work at Royal vans zanten a flower plantation in Namaiba. Through hard work, she saved money and started a restaurant which she operates now alongside ladies shoe selling. What has encouraged Jalia to borrow is to add capital to her business.
Date of birth 

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