Local brew and farming

Azena Kataire
Loan group 
Yesu Amala Sanga Namaiba 2909
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Azena is a local brew seller and she sells both regular and super waragi. she has been buying on credit and paying after selling. This would pressurize her so much because if they have not yet drunk, she would borrow from friends to meet the deadlines for payments so as to keep a strong relationship with the suppliers. She expects the loan to enable her add her own capital and she stops getting supplies on credit.
Personal situation 
Azena didn’t go far with her education and ended in primary four because they were many in their family and the parents couldn’t manage paying school fees for everyone. She later got married with 6 children. She has been a farmer and local brew seller for all her entire life. She needs a loan to improve on her lively hood.
Date of birth 

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