Ladies saloon and cosmetics.

Fiona Kyangarwa
Loan group 
Mukutya Mukama Womens Group Kisoga 252
Cosmetics (service)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Fiona owns a shop of cosmetics, hair braids and charcoal for close to 4 years. She has experience and her client base has widened because she sells variety. She plaits ladies hair which also helps her utilize the braids and makes faster sales. Her dream is to make this shop bigger to attract as many buyers and earn higher profits. Fiona has decided to start selling charcoal. It is profitable according to her and her sister trades in the same business a thing which she says will make it easy for her in case of any challenges. Support to this loan will enable her buy ladies cosmetics, hair braids and weaves. She hopes to earn 350,000/= as profit after investing the loan in her business in a week especially that she is assured of the market.
Personal situation 
Fiona was born from Kisoga town in Mukono District, studied up to primary seven and later dropped out due to lack of money since her father had many children. She worked in a restaurant for 1 year and later diverted to saloon.
Date of birth 

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