Invest in selling charcoal, spare parts for bicycles and motorcycles and raw food in bulk.

Margret Ndijja
Loan group 
Magezi Matale 386
Retail (shop-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Margret started selling charcoal from her second loan, she buys from farmers then she sells to bulk buyers who take them to other places. She would like a loan to boost her business since she has an overwhelming number of clients which she would like to satisfy. She also wants to boost her bicycle spare parts business which she buys from Lugazi a place located along Jinja- Kampala high way 25km away from her home. She uses transport of about 10,000/= and she does her shopping once a week in which she buys bicycle spare parts like steel balls, spokes, tubes, tires, steel wheels, seats among others which are usually on demand. She has ready market for her items since she is the only one who sells bicycle spare parts in her area. She would like a loan to increase on her stock and also buy in bulk to avoid spending on transport every week. She plans to boost her stock save some money and she starts a food stuff retail shop.
Personal situation 
Margret’s parents educated her up to senior four and then she got married giving birth to 6 children after which she lost her husband. She then started selling raw food stuffs like bananas, sweet potatoes for three years. On realizing that business was not yielding profits, she came back to the village and started farming. She was later elected as a chairperson for feed the children where she worked for 2 years, it is from the little savings from this work that she used to start up a spare parts selling business. She deals in all kinds of bicycle and motorcycle spare parts and she has been operating it for the past five years to date.
Date of birth 

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