Invest more in piggery and goats business

Jane Namatovu
Loan group 
Mukisa Muzibo SSI 3786
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jane runs a piggery and goats business at home. She sells the piglets at 50,000sh and the pigs at 200,000sh and goats the smaller size go for 150,000sh and the bigger size go for 200,000sh. She sells the animals to traders from Ssenyi, Ssi and Lugazi who come and buy the animals. She plants bananas and maize on a large scale and sell to traders from Ssi and Lugazi who buy the crops directly from the garden. A small bunch of banana go for 7000sh, medium size go for 9,000sh and big size go for 12,000sh.Prosy says it is convenient because she is able to rear the animals will she also practices crop farming. She makes good sells and these yield profit which helps her provide food and education for her children. She asks for a loan so that, she can buy food for the pigs. Jane believes that ,this animal rearing can grow and in the future help her raise her children with quality education as well as sustaining
Personal situation 
Prossy was born in Ssi ,studied in Ssi for her primary school but dropped out in primary seven after the death of her father. She got married and moved to Muzibo where she engaged in farming managed to save and started a goats and piggery business
Date of birth 

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