Invest more in her dairy and crop farming business

Cissy Nabawanuka
Loan group 
Bakyala Kwagala SSI 3849
Farming (animal rearing)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Cissy runs a dairy business in Kassanga, She has a cow and sells the milk to the local people in Kassanga and Ssenyi. Cissy milks her cow twice a day that is in the morning and evening .She gets 15 liters on a daily basis and each liter is sold. Cissy says that, she milks the cow throughout the year even when the cow is pregnant .She asks for a loan so that, she can business and buys a calf, pay laborers, pesticides and spray pump. She believes that, this Diary business can grow and in the future help her provide basic needs for the family
Personal situation 
Cissy a mother of 11, was born in Ngongwe in Buikwe district, studied in Ngogwe for her primary school but dropped in primary seven because education was considered important most especially for a girl child. Later she got married and moved to Kassanga where the husband stayed. Cissy engaged herself in farming and managed to save and bought Hybrid Cow for milk.
Date of birth 

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