Invest in her animal rearing business.

Scovia Nyesiga
Loan group 
Mukisa Muzibo SSI 3786
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Scovia runs her cow and goat business at Muvo. She buys them in the neighboring village of Lukawe and Namukumya and sells them in Ssenyi. She sometimes buys when they smaller feeds them like for a few months and resells depending on the size she also sell milk. The goats she buys at 60, 000sh and sells them at 90,000sh to 110,000sh and the cows she buys them at 450,000sh and sells them at 650,000sh of 700,000sh. Scovia makes good sells and these yield profit which helps her provide for family.
Personal situation 
Scovia a mother of 4, was born in Mbarara district, studied in Mabarara for her primary school but dropped out in primary seven due to lack of money. She moved to Muzibo at her aunties home and got married . Scovia later got engaged in crop farming and managed to save and started a animal farming business.
Date of birth 

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