To increase sales and boost the business

Sarah Nampeera
Loan group 
Zinunula Buzilanjovu Namaiba 5789
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sarah’s business is Fish selling and salon but are both small. She buys dry fish from Katosi landing site and sells them from her home. Her fish is sold at her home without any established stall or canteen but her customers just know her as a fish monger. For the salon, she still does the business at her home, with no established salon since she has been working in her sister’s salon. She will buy rollers and chemicals plus a few braids and start on her own.
Personal situation 
Sarah narrates that, she got pregnant while in primary seven and the school administration allowed her to sit her final examinations. After wards she got married with two children. She learnt hair dressing and currently her business is salon and fish selling. Sarah is borrowing because she doesn’t have capital to boost her businesses.
Date of birth 

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