Improve on her shop to attract more clients.

Teopister Nakyeyune Konde
Loan group 
Twezimbe Kasubi 469
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teopister has been selling a retail shop for 15 years as she sells items like soap, cooking oil, paraffin, sugar, flour, which she buys from Lugazi and she brings them to kasubi as most of her clients are from there. She says that she has many customers buy she had few items. So she would like to stock her shop such that she attracts more clients who prefer well stocked shops. She does her shopping once a week in which she buys the above mentioned items. She hopes to boost her shop to give her better profits and she educates her children as well as planning for her future.
Personal situation 
Teopister is a senior six drop out who started selling in a restaurant then she got married and started keeping animals. She later saved and started a retail shop which she would like to invest in and also buy pig feeds such that she can gain from them.
Date of birth 

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