Improve on her rentals to make more monthly income.

Rose Mary Namusisi
Loan group 
Birimumaso Kasubi 2566
Other (service)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose makes chapattis, samosas, pancakes and mandazis daily which she sells from her place. She uses cooking oil and baking flour but she says that its expensive to buy in small quantities which does due to lack of capital. She adds that with the loan she will stock these ingredients to increase on her profits. She also has 4 rental rooms which she would like to renovate by plastering to hike the rental fees thus increasing on her monthly earnings. She says that there is demand for quality house which is the reason why she wants a loan to beautify them. She hopes to have many rentals to increase on her monthly earnings as well as improving on her standard of living.
Date of birth 

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