Improve on crop farming to get better yields.

Milly Tagulwa Nakalema
Loan group 
Munaku Kama Kasubi 496
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Milly says that she has already planted an acre of tomatoes which is still young and she needs to apply pesticides to control them, she will buy various types of pesticides and also buys fertilizers which she will apply on the stems to enable them to yield well. She adds that she mulches the tomatoes but grass is very scarce so she just buys it. She sells her tomatoes in Lugazi and to some bulk buyers around and some are sold from her home in retail. She hopes to use the loan to boost her tomato farming such that she becomes a model farmer in Kasubi and she saves to build a house.
Personal situation 
Milly narrates that her father failed to educate her after primary seven then she dropped out and started working as a nursery teacher, she then started working as a house maid but she was being exploited then she stopped and got married. While in her marriage, she started farming and keeping animals which she would like to boost.
Date of birth 

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