Ice cream business

Elesi Naigaga
Loan group 
Kwagalakwe 2 Namaiba 1248
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Elesi makes ice cream and she buys flavors, icing sugar, adds water, stir and starts to pack them and later put them in a refrigerator to solidify. Elesi has 4 schools she supplies with ice but she lacks cool boxes which helps the ice not to melt. Currently she has only four cool boxes and also uses buckets but the ice reaches when it has melted. Christine says that previously she had few coolers that maintain the ice cream in a solid form but now she has many of them. In addition to that, she was using a candle to fix the polythene bags while packaging but now, she bought a machine. Through all this, her business efficiency has been improved and her profits are now more. With the new loan, she expects to increase on the quantities she supplies because even the market has expanded but the challenge was funds to buy cool boxes.
Personal situation 
Elesi narrates that she grew up with her maternal ground mother who taught her up to senior four and failed to pay for her higher education. So she decided to get married and her husband is a teacher. She started to sell rice or 7 years o date and currently she deals in ice for 5 years.
Date of birth 

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