Growing crops and Rearing animals.

Irene Nalubega
Loan group 
Biyinzika Group Biafra 5889
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Irene has been farming crops and animals for 25 years. She learned this from her parents who were basically farmers. She owns a farm of coffee and bananas which she depends on. Having started with livestock rearing, Irene says its her persistent work and perseverance which has brought her family this far. Her farm has 5 pigs, she wants to buy 2 more and constructs a sty for the pigs, buy maize feeds for feeding the pigs together with local foods.
Personal situation 
Irene did not have a chance to study and worse still when she got married her husband died immediately leaving her with four children. Some are grown up and she is fighting hard to educate the two young ones with the little resources she has. She needs help as she heard from her friends that SYPO gives loans to women to boost their businesses and in the long run what she will achieve is what she plans to use to support her family.
Date of birth 

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