Grocery stall and bar

Aisha Nanfuna
Loan group 
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Aisha buys her items from a mobile truck seller since at the moment she buys a few items because it is what she can afford due to her low capital; the items entail groundnuts, sugarcanes and bananas, etc. Aisha says that the mobile truck seller is a bit expensive since he also has to add in transport costs and thus ends up giving her items at a relatively higher cost compared to those who buy directly from farmers who are very cheap and usually give discount prices to those who buy in bulk that is why Aisha wants to take out a loan and be able to buy items directly from farmers in bulk and at a cheaper cost and thus she will be able to get fresh and good quality items since she will be picking them out herself unlike the ones that she gets from the truck seller that are usually wilted and burnt by the sun and don’t fetch her much since they don’t look fresh. Aisha says this will help her get more profits that she will use to pay back her loan installment on time and also carter for her family’s needs.
Personal situation 
Aisha says that her father passed away when she was in her primary two during the war and the mother later paid for her school fees up to primary four and she also passed away so there was no one left to carter for her education needs since even the relatives were very poor. She later went to Mukono town to work as a house maid and after 5 years of being a house maid she later got married and the husband brought her to Kalagala though he later passed away. So when the husband died, she decided to start working on people’s farms and later she got some money that she used to start her own business.
Date of birth 

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