Grocery shop

Rebecca NaKato
Loan group 
Mukutya Mukama Womens Group Kisoga 252
Farming (animal rearing)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rebecca NaKato owns a grocery shop in Kisoga surrounding her neighborhood. She says she started her shop with the earnings from the food kiosk since the items she sells in her stall are perishable. A weighing scale and a few items is all she begun with and as time passed by, she added other items. Her shop is not all that stocked to compete with other shops around her area but she hopes that with the loan invested in it, it will expand to meet the different needs of her neighbors. She sells all essential items like soap, sugar rice, soap, posho beans, salt and fruits and vegetables at her kiosk. She buys her stock worthy 300,000/= from wholesale shops and earns 25,000/= as profit in 2 weeks. Now that she has hope of getting the loan, she expects to increase her market base and profits to 50,000/=. The hope that her business will be bigger than what it is now is what motivated her to get another loan.
Personal situation 
Gorrety got pregnant while in senior three and her parents were not happy at all to the extent they abandoned her. She was forced to go and stay with her husband who later started for a small kiosk with raw food stuffs.
Date of birth 

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